Port Metro Vancouver Chemical Fire

Posted 5:00 PM, March 4, 2015

At approximately 1:40 PM today, a chemical fire started in a container at Port Metro Vancouver Centerm Container Terminal facility. As of approximately 3:50 PM, this is being described as a 4th alarm fire, as it includes the Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services Hazardous Materials Team. Because the smoke plume has now moved into areas of the City of Burnaby, the City of Burnaby has now activated its Emergency Operation Centre to ensure citizen and property protection.

Vancouver Coastal Health recommends that if you are in an area in which you can smell or see smoke, that you should cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth. If you are in a building, you should keep the windows closed.

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Bylaws, Violations & Enforcement

City Council establishes bylaws to manage activities and provide a safe and livable community. Authority to create bylaws comes from Provincial legislation in the Community Charter and Local Government Act. 

The Charter specifies which bylaws can be created. These bylaws regulate, prohibit or impose a variety of requirements, and enforcement is undertaken where necessary to obtain compliance with City regulations.

Burnaby Bylaws 


Learn about Park, Zoning, Regulatory and Expenditure Bylaws in Burnaby.
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Our City Hall 

Bylaw Enforcement

File a complaint, and learn about enforcement policies.

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Burnaby Council Chambers 

Adjudication Process

Click to learn more about our ticket process for Bylaw violations.
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parking meter 

Parking Tickets

What to do if you're issued a ticket, and learn how to avoid them.
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Animal Control

To report abused animals, barking and biting dogs, lost or found pets.
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graffiti solution 


What's the City doing to prevent tagging, and what do you do with graffiti on your property?
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  • Bylaws

    Burnaby BylawsMoreLook through this directory of all City Bylaws online.
  • Pay a Bylaw Violation Notice.

    parking meterMore Pay your bylaw violation notice online.

  • Permits and Licences

    Business licenceMoreFind permits and licences required by City Bylaws.