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Shadbolt Dance

The Shadbolt Dance Program focuses on “the art of dance”. This approach is non-competitive and sets up an environment that fosters individuality and creative learning. Our program focuses on integrating dance technique with personal expression. What the movement “feels like” is just as important as how the movement is executed. Ideas and concepts are brought into the classroom supporting process oriented learning. This type of environment values diversity, individuality and personal expression.  

What also makes the Shadbolt Dance Program unique is that we offer classes in modern dance.  In modern dance all ways of moving and expressing are explored; from twisting like a corkscrew from a low level to a high level, to gliding through space like a light feather, to whirling on the floor like a strong tornado, to ascending and expanding like a balloon into the clouds. Dancers learn how to foster their personal expression while moving dynamically and 3-dimensionally in space.

We value an injury free approach and recognize that a child’s ability is deendent upon age. Our curriculum is designed to support child development. Recognizing that growth and development is a natural process and happens progressively, our levels are set according this.

We are a community based centre. Dancers learn how to find their own personal expression while learning how to dance with others in a fun and supportive and environment.

For experienced and committed dancers interested in performance, the dance program includes the Youth In Motion Dance Company (9-18 years) and the Continuum Dance Company (adults of all ages).  Students can have fun and meet new people as they improve their dance.

Check out our Spring & Summer 2015 dance classes now available for registration:

Fine & Performing Arts Programmer – Dance
Salome Diaz
Phone: 604-205-3007

Dance Instructors                         Ashley Douglas Daylan Braude Heather Carpenter Trevor Klushin Regan Cowan Meredith Kalaman Joanna Mansour-Helou
Kirsten Wiren Jessica Lin Karen Kobel Katie Brownhill Heather Kirkland Michelle Olson Natalie LeFebvre Gnam
Susan Nase Natasha Lutz Jeannine Miller Donna Redlick Naomi Brand Maikki Uotilia-Kraatz Catherine Andersen