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Outreach Programs

Community Outreach

Reaching into the Community

Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services reaches into the community to offer excellent classes in visual, ceramic, dance, music and theatre arts. Conveniently scheduled to take place after school or on weekends, these classes help students master new skills and techniques. Experienced artist/instructors design and teach programs suited to the different needs and abilities of young artists ... from pre-school to young adult.

Outreach fine arts programs are developed at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts through consultation with the recreation coordinators, the community schools, the PACs and the community at large. School newsletters and recreation newsletters for each area of Burnaby show a listing of programs offered in your neighbourhood.

A problem solving approach to classes is emphasized. Generally children are given a design problem or situation to explore, rather than a specific product to work upon. They learn to see many possible solutions and discover that, in the arts, there are many right answers. Creative thinking is encouraged by exploring and stimulating the senses and the imagination.

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Fine & Performing Arts Programmer – Outreach
Phone: 604-205-3013

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Natasha Lutz Shelley Tucker Anna Talbot Patricia Brooke Rebecca Shorten
Jessica Lin Shauna Paull Mimi Kemball Mona Lochan