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Visual Arts

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Did you know that along with expressing creativity and developing a vibrant imagination, participating in visual arts classes at a young age enhance the perceptual skills and fine-motor control of children?

Visual Arts Programs for preschoolers and children at the Shadbolt will not only provide exposure to colour interaction and textures but can also be the start of a path to formalized training. There are also classes for families to explore their artistic side together.

Teens and adults will find that relaxed classes taught by professional artists are a perfect way to discover artistic personality whether participating at a beginner or experienced level.

Check out our Spring & Summer 2015 visual arts classes now available for registration:

Fine & Performing Arts Programmer  – Visual Arts
Donna Hagerman
Phone: 604-205-3014

Visual Arts Instructors Betty Woo Judith M Atkinson Anna Talbot Rebecca Donald Vendula Ralkova Graham Case
Henri Robideau Julieann McGuiness Nancy Chen Sean Alward Tony O'Regan Shelley Rothenburger
Jay Bundy Johnson Lurenda Mastromonaco Polly Faminow Thomas Anfield James Koll