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Explore Outdoors

Explore Outdoors

Robert Burnaby Park Bridge Replacement and Temporary Trail Closure

Effective Monday September 8 2014, Burnaby Parks crews will begin a bridge replacement project at Robert Burnaby Park that will involve replacement of the old pedestrian bridge at the main entrance to the dog off-leash area and also the upper pedestrian bridge below Wedgemount Avenue and Second Street. Each bridge will take approximately one week to replace. The trail access points at both locations will be temporarily closed during construction. Temporary alternate routes are available during construction. Please insure that dogs remain on leash outside of the designated off-leash area.

For additional information contact the Parks Admin Office at 604-294-7450. Thank you for your patience during construction.

Burnaby Mountain Trail Closures


Due to the recent severe rains, and changes in ground water movement on the south east slope of Burnaby Mountain the following trails have been washed out and require extensive repairs; Gear Jammer and Uppercut. These two trails are closed until further notice. Do not use these trails until repairs have been completed. Please check back for trail update information. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please call the Parks Admin Office at 604-294-7450 if you require any additional information.

Take a deep breath. Exhale

Delicious, fresh and free, oxygen served up in the great outdoors can be a downright intoxicating experience for those of us who spend too much time planted in office chairs or stretched out on the sofa. The good news: pure and untainted oxygen is available in abundance in Burnaby’s multitude of green spaces.

So whether you’re taking a solo run or a family picnic, walking the dog or riding your bike, taking an eco-sculpture sightseeing trip or knocking around with a soccer ball, there’s no end to the ways to drink deep of nature’s bounty.

Mother Nature’s prescription for health and well-being? Breathe easy. Exercise, sweat and relax in equal measure. And, above all, enjoy being green in Burnaby. 

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