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Bike Routes

Burnaby is a great place to cycle. Bike routes connect Burnaby from north to south, east to west and to neighbouring cities on all sides. Our trails and scenic paths are worth a visit for weekend recreation or your morning commute.

Read our Burnaby Bike Map and find the route that works for you.

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Connecting Burnaby

The City is developing a network of bike routes to meet cyclist needs and the variety of cycling skill levels in Burnaby. Our bike routes include:

  • Urban Trails are asphalt trails separated from roads and traffic. Urban Trails are intended for shorter distance recreational cycling or cycle commuting. Often, Urban Trails are shared with in-line skaters, joggers and pedestrians. Urban Trails are also intended to provide greenway corridors throughout the City
  • Trans Canada Trail is primarily a gravel trail separated from traffic. For the section along Hastings Street, cyclists should detour via the Frances-Union Bikeway
  • Bikeways are signed routes, usually on quieter residential streets
  • Cycle Roads are roads which accommodate cycling through the provision of wider curb lanes. Cycle Roads are intended to be used for longer distance and commuter cycling by more confident cyclists. Cycle Roads are not usually signed
  • Shoulder Bike Lanes are paved shoulders on busier roads. They are usually marked with a bicycle logo on the pavement
  • Connectors fill in some of the gaps in the "official" bike network. These unofficial routes usually offer reasonably direct routes and moderate traffic volumes. They are often popular with cyclists, but have no special accommodations for bicycle traffic. Personal judgement is required in determining whether a particular route is suitable for your skill level

The ultimate network, to be implemented gradually, can be seen in the Map of Proposed Bikeways, Urban Trails and Cycle Roads.

Maintenance Requests

Route maintenance requests for bikeways can be directed to the Bicycle Hotline (Engineering Department) at 604-294-7440. For bicycle planning issues, please contact the Planning Department at 604-294-7400.

Visit the Neighbours!

Bicycle route information for the adjoining cities is available at:

  • Burnaby Bike Map

    Bike MapMoreCycle Burnaby! Get around on our bike routes and urban trails. 
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