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Repairs, Updates & Closures

Repairs Updates & Closures

Fraser Foreshore Warning

Updated: December 31, 2014

The Burnaby Fraser Foreshore trail between Boundary Road and Byrne Road is susceptible to seasonal flooding especially during high winter tides. Use caution when using the trails and obey trail closure signage.

For more information and periodic updates, please contact our Parks office at 604-294-7450.

Winter Safety: No Skating or Tobogganing

December 30, 2014

With the cold winter weather approaching, the City of Burnaby reminds the public that all lakes and ponds in Burnaby are not open for outdoor skating due to unsafe conditions. Burnaby’s lakes are fed by streams which are moving water, creating unstable ice conditions. The winter weather can give a false sense of safety about the ice conditions and put outdoor enthusiasts at risk. The weather on the west coast rarely creates outdoor skating conditions. There needs to be long periods of sub zero centigrade temperatures in order to freeze a significant layer of ice on the lakes. Warning signs have been posted at the most popular sites at Deer Lake and Burnaby Lake to inform people about the danger.

In addition, the public is encouraged not to toboggan in Burnaby Mountain. The steep slopes produce conditions for people to pick up high speeds and obstacles such as rocks and trees create unsafe conditions for tobogganing and sledding in Burnaby Mountain.

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