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Shorelines & Lakes

Shoreline & Lakes

Fraser Foreshore Warning

Updated: December 31, 2014

The Burnaby Fraser Foreshore trail between Boundary Road and Byrne Road is susceptible to seasonal flooding especially during high winter tides. Use caution when using the trails and obey trail closure signage.

For more information and periodic updates, please contact our Parks office at 604-294-7450.

Beautiful, natural water views can be found throughout the City. In the north, Barnet Marine Park stretching along the ocean shores of the Burrard Inlet. In the south, you can walk along the shoreline trails of the Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park and see the bustling Fraser River. In central Burnaby, there are two parks, Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park and Deer Lake Park, where you can walk through the trails and get in touch with nature.

Shorelines & Lakes

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