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About Burnaby

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The City of Burnaby is Committed to Excellence

We hope to ensure that City programs, projects, policies and strategies are  exemplary. Our Sustainable City initiative focuses on creating a sound policy direction for Burnaby’s future. It provides a foundation for the City’s overall well-being, continued strength and growth as a livable, vibrant community. Our Sustainable City is a place that facilities an engaged and active citizenry, a healthy economy and a strong respect for the natural environment.

The City has a clear vision of what it is trying to achieve through our implementation of EconomicSocial and Environmental Sustainability Strategies to complement our Community Development Plans and Corporate Strategic Plan.

Because of its exemplary achievements, the City of Burnaby has been honoured with many awards, including being named "Best Run City in Canada" by Maclean's magazine. City programs, attributes and achievements have been recognized locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Awards include:

Recent Awards




Previous Awards

  • Best Run City

    Macleans - Best Run CityMoreBurnaby received top marks in a Maclean's magazine survey.