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ITS Project Award

Burnaby’s Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Pre-Emption System Wins 2011 Project Award from Intelligent Transportation Systems Canada

On Tuesday, June 14, at the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Canada annual conference, the City of Burnaby was presented with the (ITS) Project Award in the Smaller Metropolitan category, for the City’s Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Pre-Emption System. The award is in recognition of the significance of the project within the Canadian ITS marketplace.

ITS Award

At Lougheed and Beta, at one of Burnaby's 230 traffic signals now equipped with a GPS-based traffic signal pre-emption system for emergency vehicles, with the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Project Award are (left to right): firefighter, Harp Samra; firefighter, Mike Mui; firefighter, Mike Buntain; Captain Pat Flanagan; Councillor, Sav Dhaliwal, chair of Burnaby's Traffic Safety Committee; Councillor Dan Johnston; Doug Louie, Burnaby assistant director engineering; Mark Dalsanto, Burnaby supervisor traffic engineering; Councillor Colleen Jordan; Councillor Nick Volkow, chair of Burnaby's Transportation Committee; Councillor Anne Kang; Sergeant Gary Clarke; Inspector Tim Shields; Corporal Jason Bayer.

Every one of Burnaby’s 230 traffic signals and more than 100 police and fire vehicles are now equipped with the GPS-based system.  When responding to an emergency, transponder equipment mounted on police and fire vehicles allows the vehicles to request a priority green light at an upcoming signal at the appropriate time.  This capability enhances safety and can reduce unnecessary delays in response times.  A key component of the system is the Central Management Software (CMS), which allows technicians to remotely access system settings, monitor activity and produce reports.

“We are honoured to be the recipients of this ITS Project Award,” says Burnaby Councillor and chair of Burnaby’s Traffic Safety Committee, Sav Dhaliwal, “because it recognizes an important Burnaby safety initiative.  Our Traffic Signal Pre-Emption System enhances safety and improves response times for fire and police personnel who are responding to emergency calls, benefitting all Burnaby citizens and police and fire emergency responders.”

Says Councillor Nick Volkow, chair of Burnaby’s transportation committee, “We are always looking for ways in which we can further increase the efficiency of our City’s transportation network. Because our Pre-Emption System operates at every one of Burnaby’s traffic signals, the functionality of our entire road network is enhanced for emergency vehicle personnel.  This is a system that will save lives and we are thrilled to be the recipients of an award that recognizes the system’s value.”

ITS Canada is a professional non-profit society, generally acknowledged as the most knowledgeable source for information and advice on intelligent transportation systems in Canada.

Quote from Councillor Dhaliwal

“We are honoured to be the recipients of this ITS Project Award, because it recognizes an important Burnaby safety initiative.”