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Burnaby has a mild climate year-round, resulting in spectacular greenery and urban scenery. Winters are wet rather than snowy; snow does not usually accumulate at lower elevations but may stay for much of the winter months at higher elevations. Summer weather usually extends from June until mid-September, with warm and breezy days.

Deer Lake
View of the Lions Mountains from Deer Lake Park

Average Daily Temperatures and Precipitation in Burnaby

Month Average Daily Temperature - High Average Daily Temperature - Low Precipitation
January 6.9ºC 44.2ºF 1.4ºC  34.5ºF  261.1mm  10.3"
February 8.2ºC 46.8ºF 1.6ºC  34.9ºF 189.3mm 7.5"
March  10.3ºC 50.5ºF 3.4ºC 38.1ºF 172.0mm 6.8"
April  13.2ºC  55.8ºF  5.6ºC  42.1ºF  145.7mm  5.7" 
May  16.7ºC  62.1ºF  8.8ºC  47.9ºF  117.7mm  4.6" 
June  19.6ºC  62.3ºF  11.7ºC  53.1ºF  97.3mm  3.8" 
July  22.2ºC  72.0ºF  13.7ºC  56.7ºF  62.4mm  2.5" 
August  22.2ºC  72.0ºF  13.8ºC  56.8ºF  64.8mm  2.6" 
September  18.9ºC  66.02ºF  10.8ºC  51.4ºF  81.2mm  3.2" 
October  13.5ºC  56.3ºF  7.0ºC  44.6ºF  202.3mm  8.0" 
November  9.2ºC  48.6ºF  3.5ºC  38.3ºF  308.1mm  12.1"
December  6.3ºC  43.3ºF  0.8ºC  33.4ºF  250.2mm  9.9"

Source: Environment Canada

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