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From heritage specimens to the towering giants for which this part of the world is renowned, Burnaby is home to a number of species of trees.

Conifers drop their seed-laden packets from the branches of Douglas fir, hemlock, spruce, pine, cedar, cypress, yew and monkey-puzzle trees.

And as the seasons turn, red, gold and rust-hued leaves pile high in parks and city streets as they float down from a rich mix of oak, arbutus, maple, elm, dogwood, poplar, willow and other broad-leaved varieties.

Trees are a majestic, stately presence in every natural landscape, and definitely so throughout Burnaby. Preserving and maintaining this valuable resource requires dedicated effort from the staff at Parks, Recreation & Culture. Comprehensive tree bylaws (see below) established by Burnaby City Council guarantee that citizens and developers alike follow tree-friendly guidelines.  

Once nothing but trees and wilderness, Burnaby is now a thriving metropolis. Yet forward-thinking policies, attentive maintenance and year-round care ensures that our generous stock of leafy beauties continue to serve as the lungs of a healthy urban ecosphere.  By keeping our trees green, Burnaby and its birds will continue to sing. 

Burnaby is home to an abundance of plants. As you enjoy the parks, look for some of the common plants found here.

cedar cottonwood deer fern huckleberry
dull oregon
alder twinberry hemlock


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