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The one word that best describes life in Burnaby’s great outdoors: wild. 

Blacktail deer, coyotes and the occasional black bear and cougar can be found on Burnaby Mountain. Other garden-variety critters like squirrels, racoons and Canada Geese have made themselves at home throughout the city.

Bird watching is superb in Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park. From shoreline trails you can watch for great blue herons, bald eagles, belted kingfishers and osprey. (Count yourself lucky, however, if you spot rare green-backed heron!) The best access point for close-up views of the lake’s busy beavers, diving ducks and marsh-dwelling turtles is from the seat of a canoe.

All this wildlife stays that way – wild and alive – thanks to the City of Burnaby’s commitment to its green spaces. Municipal bylaws help maintain a healthy balance between the city’s two and four-legged populations. And our natural conservation areas and ravines are important ecosystems for both plants and small animals. 

As you enjoy the parks, look and listen for some of the common wildlife found here.

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