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Dr. Egon Nikolai

Member of Council 1981-1993
Awarded Status of Freeman: January 12, 2009 (Presentation made: May 1, 2009)

Dr. Egon Nikolai first ran for Burnaby Municipal Council in 1977 after having lived in the municipality for many years - and having practiced dentistry here for 14 while raising four sons with his wife Fern. A graduate of the University of Alberta College, Dr. Nikolai had also attended UBC prior to his bid for office and was considered to be a highly motivated and dedicated newcomer to the political scene. Although unsuccessful in this initial attempt, Egon would go on to serve as Councillor for 12 years from 1981-1993.

In 1993 when Egon was seeking re-election, he explained in an interview that his goal was to represent citizens more democratically and "build a safer, crime-free, healthy community." And as was evident from his service over more than a decade as Councillor, these were goals that he had worked hard to achieve. During his 12 years in office, Egon served as Chair of the Community Issues and Social Planning Committee, was founding chair of the Crime Prevention committee, and a member of both the Traffic Safety and Transportation committees.

Egon worked tirelessly to promote expanded block watch programs and to increase the number of civilian staff in the RCMP offices to allow the officers to focus on crime prevention and not administrative tasks. He also served on a committee to oversee the phasing out of the Oakalla Prison and was an advocate for the community in matters of crime and crime prevention.

In some ways - perhaps even more impressive - it has been Dr. Nikolai's work outside of local politics that has earned him the respect of so many people around the world. For more than 40 years, Egon has taken his desire to serve the community outside the borders of our city and our country and has devoted countless hours to his international aid missions. Egon first started volunteering in the 1960s when he took his skills to the isolated communities of the Nootka Sound. Since that time, he and his family have been to Ecuador, Jamaica, Peru, Nicaragua, and Honduras providing medical-dental aid and education to those who need it most.

In 1998, Egon was awarded the Paul Rondeau Humanitarian Award for his exemplary service to the dental profession and to his community. He has served on the Burnaby Hospital Board, the South Burnaby Men's Club, the Burnaby Association for the Mentally Handicapped and the United Way and numerous other organizations and groups. For these countless hours of volunteerism and his commitment to the citizens of Burnaby, Dr. Nikolai has earned his reputation as a humanitarian and devoted public servant.

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