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John Douglas Drummond

Councillor: 1948-1950; 1952-1953; 1955-1956; 1960-1961; 1963; 1965-1973 Awarded Status of Freeman: February 11, 1974 (Presentation Made March 23, 1974)

Freemen - John Douglas Drummond

John Douglas “Doug” Drummond was once described by Burnaby historian George Green as possessing an “undaunted spirit of determination…which must invariably assist him in surmounting the ladder of success.” This characterization of Doug’s drive and attitude were an apt description of this dedicated and hard-working family man and public servant.

Doug was born in Sapperton on April 6, 1911. In his early youth, Doug went to work in a butcher shop, all the while continuing his education by taking night classes at the Vancouver Technical Institute. In 1930, at age 19, Doug married Miss Priscillia Harris and in that same year, embarked upon a political career that would span five decades when he joined the local socialist party.

Although employment was scarce during those times, Doug never stopped working – even if it meant acting as an unpaid apprentice at a welding firm just for the opportunity to gain experience, he never passed on a chance to expand his skills and knowledge and delve into new experiences. As a result, Doug was able to operate his own welding shop for four years.

In 1938, Doug and his family moved to Burnaby and in 1942 he obtained a position with the Dominion Bridge Company. Once settled in his new job, Doug began to work even harder to advocate for the welfare of his fellow citizens and in 1945 he decided to run for public office. Although not successful in that first attempt, two years later he was elected and was inaugurated as Councillor in January of 1948. From 1948 until 1973, Doug would go on to serve in all manner of public office, from Council member to Chairman of the Anti-Noise Committee, to member of the New Vista Society to representative on the Regional Parks Board. Throughout it all, Doug worked tirelessly to make Burnaby an even better place to live and work.

In 1974, Doug was chosen to be honoured with Burnaby’s highest award and was named a Freeman of the Municipality.

J. D. “Doug” Drummond died on December 20, 1999.

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