Rainfall Warning for Metro Vancouver

Be Prepared for Pooling Water and Localized Flooding

Posted November 21, 2017

rainfall warning is in effect with prolonged periods of rain expected until Thursday. City crews are working to mitigate roadway flooding conditions by clearing leaves and debris from drains, placing road flooding signs and pre-positioning barricades for possible road closures.

Leaves left or put onto city streets can potentially result in localized flooding due to clogged catch basins. Help us by removing leaves and debris from catch basins on your street so the water can easily drain during heavy rainfall. Learn more »

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From the Heart: The Freeman Legacy

About the Project

This project celebrates the story of five men who have been awarded the city's highest honour - Freeman. Don Brown, Alan Emmott, David Herd, James Lorimer and George McLean are all Freemen of the City of Burnaby. These five Freemen are being honoured as veterans for their service to Canada during World War II and as Freemen for their service to their city, province, and country in the years that followed.

This project is the result of a collaboration between the City of Burnaby and Simon Fraser University, with the support of Veterans Affairs Canada and the Burnaby School District 41. A feature film was produced as one element of the larger multimedia project. The television documentary humanizes individual sacrifices made during a time of great need. It also honours the public service careers of five citizens whose lives were interrupted by war.

The film on their lives, "From the Heart: The Freeman Legacy", was shown on television, regionally and nationally, in 2007. The film can still be viewed online, can be borrowed on DVD at Burnaby public libraries, and can be purchased on DVD for a modest price at Burnaby City Hall. 

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