High Streamflow Advisory: Fraser River

Updated May 22, 2018 at 10:25 AM

The River Forecast Centre has issued a High Streamflow Advisory for the Fraser River due to increased snow melt runoff. River levels and flows are expected to remain elevated this week and into the weekend.

City staff are monitoring water levels, conducting daily patrols of areas adjacent to the Fraser River, and are prepared for possible minor flooding as part of our Flood Response Plan »

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Growth Projections 2021-2041

Burnaby’s projected population and dwelling unit numbers for 2021 to 2041 in the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP) have been adopted as general directions and targets under the Regional Context Statement (RCS), prepared to respond to Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy. The estimates are intended to assist in long range planning and serve as a guideline only.

The City’s total population is expected to continue, in the period 2011 to 2021, to increase at an average annual rate of 2.1 percent from 223,218 to 270,000.

By 2031, the population is projected to reach 314,000, amounting to an average increase of approximately 1.6 percent per year. The population growth between 2031 and 2041 is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 1.0 percent to reach 345,000 by 2041.

Burnaby's Historical and Projected Growth Trends

Burnaby's Historical and Projected Growth Trends

Most of this growth is expected to occur in the four Town Centres. The distribution of growth projected for each of the Town Centres is summarized in the following table:

Town Centre

Population Dewlling Units*
2011 2041 2011 2041
Metrotown 25,800 66,800 13,300 31,800
Brentwood 10,500 52,600 5,400 26,300
Edmonds 25,100 46,500 11,300 20,200
Lougheed 15,300 22,400 7,200 10,200
Total 76,700 188,300 37,200 88,500
Burnaby  223,200 345,000 91,400 149,300
Total from Town Centres 34% 55% 41% 59%

* Source: Table B, Appendix 1, Official Community Plan.