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Planning Study Areas (2006)

Up until recently, the City was divided into 37 Planning Study Areas that historically have been used by the Planning Department in the organization of its data base.

This section includes statistical information related to Burnaby's population, diversity, language, education, housing, families, income and labour force. The information is available by Neighbourhood or Planning Study Area (click or tap the numbers on the map below to display, or use the links listed after the map).

Neighbourhood Profiles - Main Map PSA 1 PSA 2 PSA 3 PSA 5 PSA 6 PSA 7 PSA 10 PSA 11 PSA 12 PSA 13 PSA 14 PSA 15 PSA 16 PSA 17 PSA 18 PSA 19 PSA 20 PSA 21 PSA 22 PSA 23 PSA 24 PSA 26 PSA 27 PSA 28 PSA 29 PSA 30 PSA 31 PSA 32 PSA 33 PSA 34 PSA 36 PSA 37

Statistical information for the Planning Study Areas is no longer provided from the 2011 Census onwards. Please refer the profiles by quadrant or town centre.

View Individual Planning Study Areas:

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