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About Burnaby

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Town Centres

Burnaby has one regional town centre (Metrotown) and three municipal town centres (Brentwood, Edmonds, and Lougheed). Each town centre serves one quadrant of the City and offers a full range of housing and services. Generally speaking, these areas provide for higher density forms of housing and are the primary commercial focus for the City and their respective quadrants. As distance from the Town Centres increases, there is a generally progressive decrease of residential densities toward single and two family neighbourhoods. The town centres help to provide complete communities within each quadrant, providing residents with an option to walk, bike, take transit or drive to a local destination where they can access the mix of goods and services to meet their daily needs.

In 2011, the four town centres accounted for roughly 34 and 40 percent of the City’s population and dwelling units, respectively and about 34 percent of its employment. Click or tap on the map below to obtain more information on each town centre.

Quadrants and Town Centres Brentwood Town Centre Profile Lougheed Town Centre Profile Metrotown Town Centre Profile Edmonds Town Centre Profile