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2017 Parking Meter Rates

Effective January 2, 2017, parking meter rates will increase to a maximum of $2 per hour.

The City’s growth has resulted in increased demand for on-street parking, particularly in the Town Centres and Skytrain areas where businesses rely on the availability of convenient short term street parking for their customers. Increasing parking meter rates to a maximum of $2 per hour will help generate greater parking turnover and increase the availability of short-term street parking. It will also better align with the value off-street parking rates and update a rate that has remain unchanged for the past 18 years.

In order to facilitate the optimal use of short-term street parking, the City encourages long-term parkers to use off-street parking options whenever possible. This will help ensure a balance of the needs of both short and long-term parkers while adhering to parking regulations.

There are approximately 1,800 metered parking spaces in the City of Burnaby.

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