High Streamflow Advisory: Fraser River

Updated May 22, 2018 at 10:25 AM

The River Forecast Centre has issued a High Streamflow Advisory for the Fraser River due to increased snow melt runoff. River levels and flows are expected to remain elevated this week and into the weekend.

City staff are monitoring water levels, conducting daily patrols of areas adjacent to the Fraser River, and are prepared for possible minor flooding as part of our Flood Response Plan »

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2017 Parking Meter Rates

Effective January 2, 2017, parking meter rates will increase to a maximum of $2 per hour.

The City’s growth has resulted in increased demand for on-street parking, particularly in the Town Centres and Skytrain areas where businesses rely on the availability of convenient short term street parking for their customers. Increasing parking meter rates to a maximum of $2 per hour will help generate greater parking turnover and increase the availability of short-term street parking. It will also better align with the value off-street parking rates and update a rate that has remain unchanged for the past 18 years.

In order to facilitate the optimal use of short-term street parking, the City encourages long-term parkers to use off-street parking options whenever possible. This will help ensure a balance of the needs of both short and long-term parkers while adhering to parking regulations.

There are approximately 1,800 metered parking spaces in the City of Burnaby.

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