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Burnaby First Municipality in Metro Vancouver to Convert to LED Streetlights

Burnaby, BC – Just in time for Earth Day, the City of Burnaby completed conversion of all its streetlights to LED this month, becoming the first municipality in Metro Vancouver to do so. The change reduces streetlight energy consumption by approximately 60 per cent, saving approximately $750,000 a year in energy costs.

“Energy conservation like this makes sense on so many levels,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “We are not only reducing our overall energy consumption as a city, but we will also achieve significant financial savings over the coming years. That money can go into other services for residents and for further initiatives that can continue to build a greener city.”

Streetlight Conversion Project

  • Launched in 2015, completed April 2019
  • 11,600 streetlights
  • Cost: $4.8M
  • Projected annual electricity savings: $750,000
  • Cost recovery: 6 years
  • Projected maintenance savings: $900,000 over 20 years
  • Lifespan of high-pressure sodium bulbs: approx. 4 years
  • Lifespan of LED bulbs: approx. 20 years

Streetlight conversion is a key part of the city’s longstanding, comprehensive plan to reduce energy consumption. Burnaby is also making LED conversions at facilities across the city. LED conversions at 10 facilities in 2018 resulted in an annual electricity reduction of more than 700,000 kilowatt hours (kWh). This is roughly equivalent to the annual energy use of C.G. Brown Memorial Pool. Facility conversions this year are expected to achieve a further reduction of more than 850,000 kWh, the amount energy used at Kensington Arena in a typical year.

Advantages of LED Streetlights

  • More energy efficient
  • Last up to five times longer than high-pressure sodium streetlights, requiring less maintenance
  • Provide a whiter light source and enabling better colour recognition compared with the yellower high-pressure sodium streetlights
  • Dark Sky compliant, better focusing light onto roadways and reducing light pollution that can disrupt wildlife and nearby residents

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