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City Launches Housing Strategy to Activate Task Force Recommendations

Burnaby, BC – The City of Burnaby has launched a housing strategy to activate the recommendations from the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing.

“Thanks to the hard work of the task force and significant public input, we have a clear set of priorities,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “A housing strategy will put actions to these priorities and hold the city accountable. There remains much work ahead to reach our affordable housing goals, but we are determined.”

City Council has received a total of 28 recommendations from the task force. Eighteen of those are in the task force's final report, presented to city council on Monday night. Another 10 “Quick Start” recommendations were in an Interim Report presented in May.

Given the number, complexity and magnitude of the recommendations, the city will pursue them as part of an integrated housing strategy. 

“The housing strategy will provide a unified framework to guide the city's housing policies, programs and decisions into the future,” said Ed Kozak, Director of Planning and Building. “It would also comprise the housing policy for an updated Official Community Plan.”

The task force has proposed to reconvene within 16 months to review the city's progress in delivering on their recommendations. City staff will prepare a progress report by September 2020, in advance of the proposed reconvening of the task force.

Housing Strategy Scope

The housing strategy will be broad, looking at housing as a system that includes both market and non-market housing in a variety of forms and densities. It will consider both supply and demand factors affecting the housing market and the delivery of non-market housing. The strategy will focus on recommendations within the city's capacity to act, either alone or in partnership, and embrace innovation. Lastly, the strategy will be realistic in its time frame, providing a 10-year horizon for action.

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