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City introduces House Rental Business Licence

Starting in October, owners of single- or two-family homes in Burnaby will be asked to fill out a declaration indicating whether or not they are renting out their home.

This declaration is part of a series of changes being introduced by the City of Burnaby, with the goal of making rental housing more equitable for all.

In 2019, homeowners who declared that they rented out a suite in their homes were charged supplementary utility fees to cover the increased usage of water and sewer services. For 2020 the new declaration will also address those homeowners who rent out their home, and do not live on the premises. Instead of supplementary utility fees, homeowners renting out their home will be required to pay a similar fee, by purchasing a House Rental Business Licence. 

Previously, homeowners who rented out their home when not living on the premises avoided paying supplementary utility fees, while homeowners who rented out a suite were subject to an additional charge. This change now ensures equity in the treatment of these two groups.

Homeowners should keep an eye out for declaration forms arriving in the mail this month. The deadline to return the declaration is Nov. 30, 2019. Homeowners who intend to rent out their home and not live on the premises must purchase a business licence each year, starting in 2020.

For more information regarding the declaration or the House Rental Business Licence, please visit

Complete the Declaration Form »
(Please note: apple device users must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to complete this fillable form. The app is available via the app store.)

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