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City of Burnaby – Camp Cloud Bylaw Notices Given Today

The City of Burnaby respects the right to peaceful protest as long as that protest does not do so at the expense of public safety, an unwillingness to respect City Bylaws, and the rights and expectations of residents who are affected.

During the months of protest in the Forest Grove area, the City has reached out to work with the two main protest groups in the area and worked daily to mitigate impacts in the community, as each new one is identified. Protests of this concentration have been previously located in wilderness areas of the province, and are new to urban environments; this has added to the complexity for the City to respond.

With regard to the protest camps, the City has, and continues to have, a high level of cooperation from the Watch House that is in Forest Grove Park, and our actions today do not affect them.

Over many months the City has also attempted to work with individuals at the protest site known as Camp Cloud at the corner of Shellmont Street and Underhill Avenue, but has not received cooperation or willingness to address concerns.

The City has given previous notice to Camp Cloud to remove the fire and served warnings about other unsafe activities. A bylaw notice was served a week ago about the removal of the new, two storey building under construction.

Today’s notice explains that the current activities and structures at Camp Cloud are in contravention of various City of Burnaby bylaws, are of serious safety concern, are causing a public nuisance to the residents of nearby neighborhood, and must be addressed immediately.

The City has asked for compliance in today’s notices and is seeking legal advice as to possible next steps if compliance is not forthcoming.

The City of Burnaby continues to oppose the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Lambert Chu
City Manager

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