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National Energy Board (NEB) Website Challenges Citizens wanting to Oppose Kinder Morgan Pipeline Routing

Citizens who want to file an official Statement of Opposition to the Detailed Route Application to oppose Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline route are finding that the proposal is not listed as one of the projects on the NEB’s project list for electronic document submission.

“This morning, we received a screen shot from a citizen, showing us that Kinder Morgan’s pipeline routing proposal is not on the list. Given that, he was wondering if we could help him figure out how to file his Statement of Opposition,” says Mayor Corrigan.

“It took the help of our legal counsel and IT department to even figure out how to file. The NEB has hidden this project and made it very difficult or impossible for regular citizens to file their documents.

“We have reached out to the NEB to fix this, without success. We have heard from our citizens, and are concerned that many who want to file, will give up out of pure frustration. Many objections will not be able to be filed. 

“People were given only a short time to oppose the routing proposal and many of the people most directly affected would only have known the line is proposed to pass close to their homes if they saw the ad in the local newspaper. Kinder Morgan did not notify people whose land is adjacent to the route. They only notified landowners whose land would be crossed by the pipeline.

“This is yet another frustrating example of the National Energy Board’s perpetual disregard for ensuring that the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who will be negatively impacted by this project have a chance to be heard.

“We call upon the NEB to extend their deadline and to fix their website, to allow for the many residents who have concerns to get a fair chance to file their objections.”


For citizens having trouble electronically filing their Statement of Opposition, please note that the NEB offers the following options for filing:

Please use this NEB Statement of Opposition template to file your statement of opposition. If you write a letter, you must provide all of the same information that is outlined in the template. Both the template and the letter can be filed by using efiling (preferred), by fax or by mail. If using fax or mail, ensure your statement(s) of opposition are addressed to the Secretary. 

The NEB’s mailing address is:
National Energy Board
Suite 210, 517 Tenth Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta 
T2R 0A8

To fax your statement of opposition: 1 (403) 292-5503

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