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Simone Brandl Awarded Kushiro Cup as 2020 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Simone Brandl

Mayor Mike Hurley and Burnaby City Council are pleased to announce Simone Brandl has been awarded the Kushiro Cup as the 2020 Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

The Outstanding Citizen of the Year award honours Burnaby citizens who have made tremendous contributions to their community, and supports the City’s Corporate Strategic Plan goals of having a connected, inclusive and healthy community.

As the program director for the North Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Simone has consistently demonstrated incredible drive, leadership ability and coordination skills, which she has used to help build our community into a caring, welcoming place for all.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Simone recognized the importance of securing food for vulnerable people in Burnaby, and organized a food security working group to identify the needs of those who had come under socio-economic hardships. By April 2021, Simone and the food security team were distributing food to over 4,200 Burnaby households on a weekly basis.

Simone is a tireless and effective organizer who is known to go the extra mile to provide personal care by customizing boxes of food items for families based on family composition and need.

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