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Supreme Court Grants City of Burnaby Injunction Request for Dismantling of Camp Cloud

City Continues to Support Right to Peaceful Protest. 

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Today, the Supreme Court of British Columbia granted the City of Burnaby an Order in response to the City’s injunction application regarding Camp Cloud.

Driven by respect for the right to peaceful protest, during the months of protest on Burnaby Mountain, the City has reached out to work with the two main protest groups in the area (Camp Cloud and the Watch House) and has worked daily to mitigate impacts in the community, as each new one is identified. The City has taken, and will continue to take, a strong stand on the right to peaceful protest.

The order allows for the City to dismantle the camp and prohibits similar occupation of the site in the future. Based on the Order, the City will now develop a plan for the dismantling of Camp Cloud. The timeline for dismantling the camp will be determined, in consultation with the RCMP. All City actions will focus on safety and respect for Camp Cloud residents.

It is the City’s hope that Camp Cloud will comply with the Order, including extinguishing the sacred fire in a way that appropriately respects the fire. Out of a concern for safety, other sacred fires on Burnaby Mountain, at the Watch House, have been voluntarily removed from the Mountain in a ceremony led by local First Nations. We ask that the Camp Cloud occupants do the same immediately and begin moving their personal belongings.

The Watch House, which has consistently worked with the City to address safety concerns, is not impacted by this Order.

It was because of Camp Cloud occupants’ unwillingness to address several serious safety issues at Camp Cloud – in spite of requests and attempts by the City to achieve compliance through face-to-face dialogue – that the City of Burnaby applied for an injunction that would allow the City to dismantle Camp Cloud.

These safety concerns include:

  1. Ongoing burning of an unsafe fire
  2. Threats and acts of violence by camp occupants
  3. Unsafe and illegal building construction

These concerns were detailed in the City’s injunction application.

We ask the occupants of Camp Cloud and everyone concerned to help to ensure the safe, respectful and peaceful dismantling of the camp. The City will offer assistance to Camp Cloud occupants who require it, to facilitate their safe departure.

The City’s goal remains to tolerate peaceful protest, as long as it does not compromise public safety. In keeping this balance, our goal is to minimize – and, where possible, eliminate – impacts for residents. We will not tolerate actions that compromise public safety, or promote violence or threats of violence. Under these circumstances, we will act, thoughtfully but seriously to restore safety and peace and to mitigate impacts, whether they relate to protests, protest camps, fires, tree cutting that was allowed by the National Energy Board to take place without permission from the City, or noise concerns raised by residents who are being very negatively impacted by the pile driving now happening in Burrard Inlet for the construction of Kinder Morgan’s expanded terminal.


For additional information, contact:
Dipak Dattani
Office of the City Manager
Tel: 604-294-7101


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