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About Burnaby

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Strategic Directions

Good Things Happening Here

Burnaby is a great place to live, and good things are happening in our city. Learn more »

Sustainable City

The City of Burnaby’s vision as a livable, sustainable, and thriving City provides a roadmap for the future. For several years, Burnaby has been working toward this goal through the implementation of three award-winning city plans — economic, social and environmental to complement our Community Development Plans and Corporate Strategic Plan.

These initiatives create a sound strategic policy direction for the future and provide a foundation for the continued strengthening of Burnaby’s overall well-being, enhancing our status as a liveable, vibrant and sustainable community; a place that facilitates an engaged and active citizenry, a healthy economy and a strong respect for the natural environment.

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Corporate Strategic Plan

The City's visions, values and goals to guide staff in further improving services, setting priorities and developing policies and programs.
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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

A plan for Burnaby's green future to protect and enhance its environment and ecosystems.
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Social Sustainability Strategy

A framework to strengthen Burnaby's overall well-being and to ensure it continues to be a great place to live, work, learn, play and visit.
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Economic Development Strategy

Smart, prosperous, sustainable… this is Burnaby’s vision for the future of its local economy.
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Community Development

Burnaby’s long range policies and strategies—action plans for the future.
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