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Single / Two Family Residential

If your building project involves new construction, additions, or improvements to a single or two-family residential home, the information on this page can function as a general guide. 

All projects must comply with Codes and City bylaws, and may require a permit. Read further down for links to a few brochures to get you started. For more information you can consult the complete list of brochures and downloadable application forms, these are featured to the right of this page.

At any point, feel free to Contact the Building Department with your questions. We will be happy to help you or direct you to the necessary documents.

Permit Processing

Getting a Permit

Before the Building Department will issue a permit, you need to fill out an application form and have this application reviewed. Permits and Inspections for House Construction is a useful brochure on the various types of permits and inspections that may be required for your project.  

Most projects require a building permit. Please review Building Permits and Inspections as well as Building Permit Application Requirement for New Single and Two Family Dwellings for an overview of this process.

You may also require additional permits for plumbing, electric, gas or fire protection. Visit Brochures and Bulletins or Applications and Forms for permit details.

Throughout your project, please take note of City policy on Infill Housing - Being a Good Neighbour