Rainfall Warning for Metro Vancouver

Be Prepared for Pooling Water and Localized Flooding

Posted November 21, 2017

rainfall warning is in effect with prolonged periods of rain expected until Thursday. City crews are working to mitigate roadway flooding conditions by clearing leaves and debris from drains, placing road flooding signs and pre-positioning barricades for possible road closures.

Leaves left or put onto city streets can potentially result in localized flooding due to clogged catch basins. Help us by removing leaves and debris from catch basins on your street so the water can easily drain during heavy rainfall. Learn more »

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How Does Adjudication Work?

Option 1: Pay Violation Notice

  • Reduced penalty payment within 15 calendar days
  • Full penalty payment after 15 calendar days

Option 2: Dispute Violation Notice

The process is also drawn out in the image at the bottom of this page. 
  1. Complete & Submit the Adjudication Request Form:
    • Fill out and return an Adjudication Request Form, located on the back of the violation notice. You must return the form by the date indicated on the front of the notice
    • Adjudication Request Forms can be delivered, emailed or faxed to:
      City of Burnaby - Office of the City Clerk
      4949 Canada Way
      Burnaby, BC, V5G 1M2 | Map
      Fax: 604-570-3661
    • Or, by completing the Online Adjudication Request Form.
  2. A Screening Officer Will Review the Adjudication Request and:
    • a. Cancel a violation notice

    • b. Enter into a Compliance Agreement and reduce the penalty upon completion (Parking violations not applicable)

    • c. Uphold violation notice

  3. If the Screening Officer Upholds the Violation Notice:
    • A date and time for the Adjudication Hearing is provided and scheduled to occur at City Hall
    • At the Adjudication Hearing, evidence is presented and the adjudicator decides if an offence did or did not occur
    • If an offence did occur, the violation notice must be paid in full, plus an additional $25 administrative fee
    • If an offence did not occur, the violation notice is cancelled and no penalties are assessed

The Options, Drawn Out:

Violation Notice Process at a Glance
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