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A new Graffiti Bylaw came into effect September 1, 2007. Property owners/occupants must remove hate and profane graffiti from their property within 48 hours and other types of graffiti within 14 days of notification by the City.

Failure to comply may result in the City removing the graffiti at the property owner's expense. Any graffiti removal expenses not repaid to the city by year end will be added to the property tax in the year in which charges were incurred.

Anti-Graffiti Strategy

For an overview of our Anti-Graffiti Strategy, please read:

For an overview of our Anti-Graffiti Programs, please read:

The Mural Program

  • The Mayor’s Task Force on Graffiti formed a Mural Subcommittee on March 31 2009 to develop a long term vision for the mural program in Burnaby, where interested parties could submit requests to create murals in Burnaby
  • Current murals have been painted by Todd Polich, artist and founder of the Earth Foundation. Todd is a long-time Burnaby resident. The murals aim to educate the public about endangered species in North America

    Close-up of Wolf Mural

    Wolf Mural

    7611 Edmonds Street & New Vista Ave, May 2009

    • Funded by Edmonds Mural Committee
    Close-up of Bear Mural

    Bear Mural

    5459 Kingsway & Denbigh Ave, June 2009

    • Funded by KINA 
    Traffic Wraps

    Traffic Wraps

    Wraps can be found throughout the City.

    • Coming soon: more traffic wraps on City streets
Artists and Property Owners -- apply for a mural.

Are you a building owner interested in having a mural on your property? Or an artist looking to paint a mural?

City Council approved a matching grant program in April 2010. With this program, the City will match building owners on the cost of their mural for up to $3500.00. This means that if your mural estimate cost was $5000.00 the City's grant would be $2500.00. Read our Terms and Conditions for information on this anti-graffiti initiative.

To apply for a mural, please contact

The Anti-Graffiti Wrap Program

  • For more information, please call our Anti-Graffiti Coordinator at 604-294-7388
  • The Anti-Graffiti Wrap Program was established in June 2008. Initially, Burnaby wrapped 200 traffic signal cabinets throughout the city as a preventative measure to avoid graffiti
  • Traffic signal control boxes are a target for graffiti vandalism and cost the city for maintenance and removal of graffiti. These decorative wraps are a cost-benefit as the maintenance costs to remove graffiti exceed the cost of the wraps over time. The wraps have an anti-graffiti sealant on them which deters and prevents the application of graffiti

The Anti-Graffiti Paint Program

  • Read more about this program in our FAQ. The City of Burnaby provides paint vouchers for residents to help curb the cost of graffiti repair and re-paint jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is Your Child a Tagger?

      Graffiti - Tagger ProfileMoreDownload our poster of tell-tale signs

    Reporting Graffiti

    • Fill out our online form
    • Call 604-294-7388
    • Call 9-1-1 if you see someone creating graffiti