City Hall Complex Closing Early on October 21

Posted October 21, 2019

Burnaby City Hall, the West Building and Civic Offices at Deer Lake Centre are closing at 4:00 PM today in order to provide staff at these locations the allotted required time to vote in the Federal election. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Collection Schedule App

Switch your app! Recycle Coach replacing My Waste

My Waste app users are encouraged to download the app Recycle Coach before June 14, 2019. Recycle Coach is from the same company (Municipal Media Inc.), and Burnaby residents will continue to receive the exact same information and reminders for curbside garbage, recycling and green bin collection.

Due to changes to Apple's App Store Guidelines, the My Waste app is being phased out. Apple's new guidelines prevent a company from having multiple apps in the app store with the same functionality. This change affects tens of thousands of apps.

For more information, see our FAQ.

The Recycle Coach app is available for iOS or Android devices.

Never miss a collection day again!

Download the City of Burnaby's collection app for iOS and Android devices to get instant access to your garbage, recycling and green bin information.

Burnaby's Collection App allows you to:

  • Choose whether you receive curbside or multi-family garbage, recycling and green bin collection. 
  • Set up collection day reminders for residential curbside collection schedules.
  • Identify materials accepted for residential recycling, green bin or garbage program.
  • Locate drop off depots using the "What goes where?" searchable database. 
  • Report missed collection, graffiti, street light outages and more using the "Report a Problem" feature. 
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How to get the app:

Don't have a smartphone or tablet? No problem. Try the Find Your Schedule option or download a PDF version.

  • Provincial Take-Back Programs

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  • Banned/Prohibited Materials

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  • Single Family Curbside Collection & Schedule

    Single Family CollectionMoreLearn what we pick up, and get a collection schedule.
  • Multi-Family Recycling Guidelines

    multifamily recycling guidelinesMoreWhat goes in and stays out of your recycling bins.
  • Burnaby Eco-Centre

    Burnaby Recycling DepotMoreWhen you have a lot of recyclables, bring them in to our Eco-Centre!