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Annual Reports

Annual Solid Waste and Recycling Reports

The City of Burnaby provides a comprehensive waste and recycling service to its residential and commercial customers. The service programs offered by the City range from curb side service to central depot collection, and are considered as one of the most integrated waste and recycling management models in the region. The Annual Solid Waste and Recycling Report summarizes the key achievements each year.

2019 Solid Waste and Recycling Annual Report

2019 Annual Report


2017 Solid Waste and Recycling Annual Report

2018 Annual Report


  • Provincial Take-Back Programs

    Provincial Take Back ProgramMorePrograms for banned or recyclable materials.
  • Burnaby Eco-Centre

    Burnaby Recycling DepotMoreWhen you have a lot of recyclables, bring them in to our Eco-Centre! 
  • Banned/Prohibited Materials

    Banned & prohibited itemsMoreWhich products are banned from the garbage bins? 
  • Food Scraps Recycling Program

    Food Scraps RecyclingMoreLearn about the program, tips for a clean bin and accepted items.