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Wildlife & Waste

It is not uncommon for wildlife, including bears, to wander out of our forested areas and into our neighbourhoods. To minimize any interaction with wildlife, particularly bears, it is important to manage any potential attractants on your property.

Wildlife Checklist:

  • Keep your collection containers for garbage, recycling and yard waste/food scraps stored in a secure location until your collection day.
  • Ensure all blue box materials are rinsed thoroughly.
  • Place all food scraps into your green bin, we collect them first! Freeze any smelly foods and place them in your green bin on the day of collection. 
  • Compost correctly and avoid placing any potential attractants in your backyard composter. Lean more »
  • Pick ripe fruit and clean up any fallen fruit in your yard.
  • Ensure you clean and empty the drip tray on your barbeque after each use.
  • Remove bird feeders or suspend them on a cable.
  • Feed pets and store pet food indoors.

Providing bears with food, even unintentionally, is against the law in British Columbia (Wildlife Act Section 88.1)

If you observe a bear in a residential area, report the sighting to a BC Conservation Officer at the 24 hour, toll-free call centre: 1-877-952-7277.

Want to Learn More?

Visit WildSafeBC Conservation Foundation for more information on bears and how to manage your attractants.

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