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Every Other Week Garbage Collection

As of April 2017, the City has moved to Every Other Week Garbage Collection for residential properties that receive City curbside garbage collection.


What Does This Change Mean for Residents?

Prior to April 2017, the City collected your garbage, green bin (food scraps + yard material) and recycling weekly. With the move to Every Other Week Garbage Collection, changes to your curbside collection program include:

  • Collection of garbage every other week;
  • Collection of Green Bin (Food Scraps + Yard Material) and Blue Box (recyclables) every week; and
  • New Curbside Collection Zones. We’ve reduced Collection Zones from five to four.

Here's Why We Made this Change

  • Increased diversion of materials from the waste stream. We collect approximately 32,900 tonnes of garbage each year; much of it still contains recyclable or compostable materials that are accepted in your curbside recycling and green bin, or through a Provincial Take-Back Program. According to various studies, 40% of your garbage is food scraps and food soiled paper products. Separating these materials for weekly collection will remove the smelliest part of your garbage, and divert this material for composting. Shifting to Every Other Week Garbage Collection is part of the City's overall waste reduction strategy that will help us reach our regional goal of 80% diversion by 2020. 
  • Consistent collection pick up day. The new Every Other Week Garbage collection and Four Zone collection will provide residents with a more consistent collection pick up day, and reduce service disruptions due statutory holidays; and
  • Enhancement of other services. Moving to four days per week collection schedule will allow the City to provide enhancement to other services such as large item collection, public space recycling, litter and abandoned waste.

Download the Every Other Week Garbage Collection information brochure.

Information and Tips for Every Other Week Garbage Collection

  • Download the City's Collection App to set up weekly reminders on what to set out for your collection day;
  • Review the City's Recycling Guide to make sure you are recycling everything you can;
  • If you haven't already, start separating your food scraps and food-soiled paper and place them in your Green Bin; View the City's Green Bin Guide for what's accepted in your Green Bin and how to prepare it. 
  • Check out what items you can drop off at the City's Eco-Centre, or other recycling drop off depots.

Frequently Asked Questions

For More Information:

Phone: 604-294-7972

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