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Multi-Family Food Scraps Recycling

Multi-Family Food Scraps Recycling Program is here!

The City of Burnaby has expanded our single and two-family food scraps collection program to Multi-Family complexes that currently receive City garbage and recycling service.

Multi-Family Program Details

  • Complexes must currently receive City garbage and recycling service.
  • Participation must be approved by complex strata, co-op boards or, in privately owned complexes, the complex owner.
  • Complexes will provide the City with a on-site complex contact person.
  • Complexes will receive 240-litre Green Bin(s) based on the number of units in the complex (rental charges for Green Bins may apply).
  • Green Bins are collected weekly by the City and must be placed out at an approved pick up location on collection day.
  • Green Bins may not be lined with plastic or biodegradable "plastic-like" liners. Only paper based products are allowed to wrap food scraps or to line the Green Bin(s).
  • The City will provide educational materials for each unit in the complex, and program signage to be posted within the complex.

Sign up or Learn more

Please send Multi-Family Food Scraps applications to:

  • Mail: City of Burnaby
    4949 Canada Way, 4th Floor Engineering
    Burnaby, BC V5G 1M2 | Map
  • Fax: 604-294-7425
  • Email:

For more information about the Multi-Family Food Scraps Recycling Program, please contact or call 604-294-7972 (Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-4:45 PM). 

Frequently Asked Questions

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