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Garbage Disposal Fees

In Burnaby, garbage is collected by the City, but is disposed of at a regional disposal facility (i.e. landfill or waste-to-energy) that is owned and operated by our regional government, Metro Vancouver. The cost to dispose of garbage (i.e. tipping fees) are set by Metro Vancouver; the City does not have control over these charges. 

garbage truck

Residential Garbage Disposal Fees

For 2021, the following Garbage Disposal Fees will be charged to residents based on the size garbage receptacle they have on January 1, 2021:

Size (litre) Fee
180  $100
 240  $140
 360  $385

Residents wanting to change the size of their current receptacle (garbage or yard waste), can do so by filling out the Receptacle Request Form. Please email completed forms to A $50.00 service fee will be charged for exchanges.

For more information about the Garbage Disposal Fees, see our Frequently Asked Questions

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