Snow and Ice Removal Continues

Posted January 16, 2017

City crews and equipment will be working this week to:

  • Clear catch basins in anticipation for this week’s thawing and rainfall events
  • Clear wheelchair ramps and bus stops of compacted snow and ice
  • Sweep and clear main roadways and priority routes of sand abrasives

Remove snow from catch basins and storm drains. Keeping catch basins and storm drains on your street clear of snow helps prevent flooding when snow melts. Report problems to our 24-hour service line at 604-294-7200.

Locate catch basins using the Burnaby Map:

  1. Select Layers button
  2. Expand Engineering Operations option > Infrastructure
  3. Select Storm > Catchbasin > Zoom into your street

Motorists are advised to be prepared for changing road conditions. Attention should be paid to water pooling around roadways due to forecasted rainfall this week.

Hazardous conditions, downed trees, potholes, and localized flooding can be reported to our 24-hour Emergency Dispatch at 604-294-7200. Non-emergency requests can be reported to 604-294-7460. We appreciate your patience as we work towards removing snow and ice in as many areas as possible. View Snow and Ice Control Information and Our Role as a City.

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City Services

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Online Dog Licence Renewal

Renew A Dog Licence

Your dog’s current Burnaby dog licence can be renewed online with credit card payment. Have your Dog Licence Renewal Notice and your credit card with you to complete all the information fields below and submit your renewal. The new licence will be mailed to the shipping address you identify.

If your dog has been spayed or neutered over the past year and you are changing your licence renewal class type from unaltered to spayed/neutered, please note that proof of the procedure (veterinary certificate) is required upon request.

Please also note, this online service is for renewals only. New dog licences are available at:

  • The Burnaby Licence Office, City Hall at 4949 Canada Way
  • The Burnaby Animal Shelter-SPCA at 3202 Norland Avenue
  • Participating Burnaby veterinary clinics

Please contact the Burnaby Licence Office at or 604-294-7320 for any assistance you may require. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

Pay a 2017 Dog Licence Renewal Notice

Please complete the form below to renew your 2017 dog licence(s).

  • Step 1:

    Renewal Info
  • Step 2:

    Dog Info
  • Step 3:

    Billing Address
  • Step 4:

    Secure Payment
Your Renewal Information Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx e.g. Format: A1A 1A1


First Dog Renewal Information Format: 16-0XXXX
Second Dog Renewal Information
Third Dog Renewal Information
  • *Definition of a vicious dog
    • “vicious dog” means

      (a) a dog that without provocation has bitten or caused injury to a human being or to a domestic animal, but does not include a dog that has bitten or injured a trespasser, and

      (b) a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, an American Pit Bull Terrier and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier and includes a dog of mixed breed with predominant pit bull or pit bull terrier characteristics.

      Read the Animal Control Bylaw.


      Please contact the Burnaby Licence Office:
      Phone 604-294-7320


Your Billing Address Format: A1A 1A1 Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Dog Tag Renewal Service Offline

Our online dog tag licence renewal service is unavailable between November 15-30. This online service will be available as of December 1. Please contact the Licence Office at Burnaby City Hall at or 604-294-7320 if you have any questions.

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

Updates to Online Payment Services

As the City of Burnaby continues to offer more online payment services, system updates are required to keep these transactions secure. Please note, you may be prompted to upgrade your internet browser or device's operating system in order to access the City's online payment services. Find out more »

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