Stage 3 Water Shortage Response Plan In Effect Until Rescinded

Posted July 20, 2015

All forms of lawn sprinkling using treated drinking water are further curtailed. See the At A Glance Guide to know what type of water use is restricted under Metro Vancouver's Water Shortage Response Plan Stage 3 and is enforced by the City of Burnaby. Learn more »

No Smoking in Parks, Trails & Green Spaces | No Charcoal Barbeques in Parks

Due to the dry weather and heat that could result in fire hazards, the City of Burnaby advises all park users that there is NO SMOKING permitted in the Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces.

Charcoal barbeques in City of Burnaby parks and beaches are prohibited. At this time, only propane gas barbeques are permitted. Please check the city’s website for updates on whether all types of barbequing will be banned if conditions worsen. Learn more »

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Online Dog Licence Renewal

Renew A Dog Licence

Your dog’s current Burnaby dog licence can be renewed online with credit card payment. Have your Dog Licence Renewal Notice and your credit card with you to complete all the information fields below and submit your renewal. The new licence will be mailed to the shipping address you identify.

Updated Animal Control Bylaw

At the February 24, 2014 Council Meeting, changes to the Animal Control Bylaw were approved, including new fees for some classification of dogs (see below) and updated regulations for pet stores. Read the Animal Control Bylaw.

If your dog has been spayed or neutered over the past year and you are changing your licence renewal class type from unaltered to spayed/neutered, please note that proof of the procedure (veterinary certificate) is required upon request.

Please also note, this online service is for renewals only. New dog licences are available at:

  • The Burnaby Licence Office, City Hall at 4949 Canada Way
  • The Burnaby Animal Shelter-SPCA at 3202 Norland Avenue
  • Participating Burnaby veterinary clinics

Please contact the Burnaby Licence Office at or 604-294-7320 for any assistance you may require. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

Your Renewal Information


First Dog Renewal Information
Second Dog Renewal Information
Third Dog Renewal Information
  • *Definition of a vicious dog
    • “vicious dog” means

      (a) a dog that without provocation has bitten or caused injury to a human being or to a domestic animal, but does not include a dog that has bitten or injured a trespasser, and

      (b) a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, an American Pit Bull Terrier and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier and includes a dog of mixed breed with predominant pit bull or pit bull terrier characteristics.

      Read the Animal Control Bylaw.


      Please contact the Burnaby Licence Office:
      Phone 604-294-7320


Your Billing Address


Dog Tag Renewal Service Offline

Our online dog tag licence renewal service is unavailable between November 15-30. This online service will be available as of December 1. Please contact the Licence Office at Burnaby City Hall at or 604-294-7320 if you have any questions.

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

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