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Posted September 21, 2019

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Climate Change

Why is Climate Change a Concern?

Human-caused climate change is already happening, and the science is clear that we must act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the impacts and damage of future climate change.  In Canada, the average temperature has risen by 1.7 degrees C since 1948, and some of the main risks in British Columbia include more extreme heat events, wildfires, water shortages, and flooding.  This will affect human health, well-being, and the economy, meaning that climate change is not just an "environmental" concern.  Taking action is therefore in everyone's best interest.

Canadians produce among the world’s highest quantity of greenhouse gases per person.

What Are We Doing

Climate change planning usually falls into two categories.

  • Mitigation means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to lessen one of the main cause of climate change today, mainly by phasing out the use of fossil fuels including for heating our buildings and for transportation. 
  • Adaptation means preparing for the inevitable impacts of climate change to the extent possible to make our city more resilient, for example flood protection, and designing civic facilities that provide cooling and filtered air for respite during heat waves and wildfire smoke events

Burnaby’s Response to Climate Change

Burnaby’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS), approved in 2016, includes a section called Breathe – Climate and Air Quality, with a goal of “a community resilient to climate change, with clean air and low carbon emissions.” This goal and supporting strategies and actions addresses both climate change adaptation and mitigation, as explained above. Supporting the ESS and Breathe goal, the Community Energy and Emissions Plan was also approved in 2016 and includes targets, goals, strategies and actions to reduce GHG emissions across the community. These policies build on the City’s previous and ongoing initiatives to address climate change, including:


What We're Doing Today:

Existing policies and programs that contribute to GHG emissions reduction and climate change adaptation include:

  • Implementation of Burnaby's Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Community Energy and Emissions Plan 
  • Corporate Energy Planning for the City's facilities, and other corporate green initiatives. 
  • Compact land use and a development approach with a strong relationship to alternative transportation options and other support services and infrastructure, resulting in more efficient buildings, less reliance on personal automobiles for transportation, with overall less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Green building policy which aims to improve energy efficiency, and includes a low carbon energy policy for new larger buildings.
  • Electric vehicle (EV) policy including requirements for EV charging in new development, and providing public charging at City facilities.
  • Green Development practices and features in private and City developments.
  • A robust Environmental Planning approach that includes protected network of green spaces and stream corridors that provide some buffering of extreme weather events and temperatures, including the Urban Forest that stores and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. 
  • Transportation Planning, involving a strong emphasis on walking, cycling, transit and other initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Urban Agriculture programs, helping to reduce reliance on imported food and associated greenhouse gas emissions.



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