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Stewardship of Civic Heritage Properties

Burnaby's Civic Heritage Policy was developed because of the City's unique position as owner of a large number of significant heritage properties, especially those in Deer Lake Park. The Heritage Strategy report refers to the need for the City of Burnaby to promote heritage conservation through the stewardship of City-owned properties. 

The heritage conservation strategy has involved:

  • Reaching a consensus on the properties that have been recognized through designation 
  • Development of a set of policies that further define the City's commitment to conserve existing and future acquisitions of heritage resources, including finding productive new uses for the sites 
  • Integration of the designated City-owned buildings and other identified heritage resources into the public environments or parks in which they are located

Benefits of the Program

Heritage in Burnaby is a combination of resources, both natural and cultural, scattered across 35 square miles in unique neighbourhoods, open spaces and parks. Burnaby's heritage program has grown out of a genuine concern on behalf of citizens and Council to protect and enhance the City's unique qualities as reflected in our heritage resources.

The Community Heritage Commission's activities have enhanced Burnaby's sense of place and helped build neighbourhood awareness. Through incremental actions and cooperation with other organizations and property owners, the Commission has gained wider support for heritage initiatives within the community.

By focusing on the thoughtful management and use of our heritage resources and a commitment to stewardship of publicly owned assets, the City will provide an example for others to follow. These public resources will inspire public interest about our history and help foster civic pride in the community.

Looking towards the future, the challenge will be to plan for the stewardship of our heritage resources in an environment of urban change. Management of these resources will not in all cases mean that everything will be preserved; rather, it implies we will make informed decisions about how heritage buildings, sites and landscapes will be incorporated into our changing urban fabric. We need to manage these resources as something that we will pass along to future generations so that they can discover, understand and enjoy some of the features that remain to tell the story of Burnaby.

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