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Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing

To address the broad issue of housing affordability and the specific issues facing Burnaby, a Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing was formed to review and advise Council on identified issues, priorities, and actionable solutions. Find Out More »

Housing is a key element of a sustainable community. Burnaby supports a range of housing opportunities through its regulatory powers, which determine the location and type of housing that can be built in the City, and through policies and programs that encourage development of affordable and special needs housing. Burnaby advocates to senior levels of government on housing issues, and works with government, non-profit and private sector partners to deliver more housing.

Burnaby Housing Fact Sheets

Burnaby Housing Profile

The following documents provide a comprehensive overview of housing in Burnaby.

Burnaby's Housing Program


Growth Management and Development

Explore Burnaby’s guiding plans, regulations and approval processes for development, including housing.
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Community Benefit Bonus Policy / Housing Fund

Learn more about Burnaby’s density bonus program and its contributions to affordable and special needs housing.
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City Lands Program for Non-Market Housing/City Land Leases

Find out more about the City’s programs to lease land for non-market housing, with support from the Housing Fund.
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Housing Policies

Explore Burnaby’s range of policies that support affordable and accessible housing.
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Tenant Assistance

Learn more about Burnaby’s Tenant Assistance Policy for tenants facing relocation, and its advocacy for greater tenant protections.
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Housing Advocacy and Partnerships

Read about Burnaby’s housing-related advocacy efforts, and its partnerships with senior levels of government, non-profit societies, and the private sector.
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For more information on housing in Burnaby, please contact or 604-294-7400.