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City Lands Program for Non-Market Housing/City Land Leases

Burnaby leases land that it owns to non-profit societies and housing corporations seeking to build non-market housing. The City offers these leases at reduced or nominal rates, offsetting leasing costs through contributions from the Community Benefit Bonus Housing Fund. Current leases support 314 non-market units on nine properties.

The recently adopted City Lands Program for Non-Market Housing expands this practice. Through this program, the City proactively identifies City-owned properties that are suitable for non-market housing, and offers these sites to non-profit societies or government agencies at nominal lease rates through an open Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) process.

Following its initial RFEOI process, Burnaby is partnering with two non-profit societies to build approximately 200 units at 3802 Hastings Street and 7898 Eighteenth Avenue.

City Lands Program for Non-Market Housing

Council Reports

Site Maps

Press Release

  • 2017 March 7 – Council Approves Next Steps Toward Estimated 200 New Non-Market Housing Units

City Land Leases

The following non-market housing developments utilize City-owned lands at a reduced or nominal lease rate:

  1. Chelsea Village (43 units)
  2. Ridgelawn Gardens (70 units)
  3. Filby Court (9 units)
  4. Rotary House (5 units)
  5. Garden Square Housing Cooperative (58 units)
  6. Victory House (6 units)
  7. Cariboo Heights Housing Cooperative (56 units)
  8. Lions Mulberry Place (65 units)
  9. Dixon Transition House (1 unit - not shown on map)

Map - Leased Lands for Social Housing

Norland Supportive Housing Project

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