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Community Benefit Bonus Policy

Affordable and Special Needs Housing

Burnaby’s Community Benefit Bonus Policy generates a range of non-market housing through contributions to the Housing Fund and construction of new units. These contributions are provided by new development projects in Town Centre areas, in exchange for a density bonus. While some developers have constructed extra units, which are then managed by non-profit societies and tenanted by those with low incomes and/or special needs, most have opted for a cash-in-lieu contribution. Twenty percent of all cash-in-lieu contributions are allocated to the Housing Fund.

For examples of some of the projects funded through the Community Benefit Bonus Policy, see the links below.


Housing Fund Projects

Browse some of the housing projects supported by the Community Benefit Bonus Housing Fund.
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In-kind Housing Units

Browse some of the housing projects constructed under the Community Benefit Bonus Policy.
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City Lands Program for Non-Market Housing

Find out more about the City’s program to lease land for new non-market housing, with support from the Housing Fund.
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  • Community Benefit Bonus Policy

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