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Housing Needs Report

Housing Needs Report

What is a Housing Needs Report?

Burnaby’s Housing Needs Report presents information on our current and anticipated housing needs. It provides key insights into housing needs in the community and helps us better understand the number and type of units that will be needed in Burnaby over the next 10 years. 

View the completed Housing Needs Report » 

Why was the report produced?

In April 2019, the Provincial Government amended the Local Government Act to require all local governments to develop a Housing Needs Report by April 2022. Learn more »

How was the report produced?

The Housing Needs Report brings together extensive statistical data and feedback from a wide range of residents and local housing stakeholders.

Funding for the report was provided by a provincial grant, administered by the Union of BC Municipalities. Funding was awarded in January 2020. The final report was received by Council on 22nd February 2021.


  • January 2020: Funding Awarded 
  • June - July 2020: Data Collection and Housing Needs Survey 
  • September - October 2020: Workshops and Data Analysis 
  • November 2020 - January 2021: Draft Report and Stakeholder Check-in 
  • February 2021: Final Report to Council 

How will the report be used?

The report will be used to inform HOME: Burnaby’s Housing + Homelessness Strategy and other City plans and policies.

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