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Tenant Assistance

On December 2, 2019, Burnaby’s City Council approved in principle revisions to the City’s Tenant Assistance Policy. Once finalized, the policy will be one of the most progressive tenant protection policies in Canada. Read full report and revised policy »

The City of Burnaby is currently consulting with housing stakeholders to review and receive input on the revised policy. Following the consultation period, a report summarizing the results and a recommendation to adopt the revised policy will be presented to City Council.

The policy was developed in response to recommendations made by the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing, which included the largest public engagement in Burnaby’s history. The Task Force recommended the City develop a robust Tenant Assistance Policy, and the revised policy delivers that framework.

Burnaby advocates for greater assistance to tenants who must relocate due to redevelopment.

Under the Tenant Assistance Policy (amended May 2018), when redevelopment of a property with six or more units is proposed through the rezoning process, Burnaby requires the property owner to submit a Tenant Assistance Plan that exceeds the minimum requirements of the provincial Residential Tenancy Act. The Tenant Assistance Plan must provide at least four months’ notice and three months’ compensation to all affected tenants, as well as support in finding new accommodation and other assistance.

In addition, Burnaby leads municipal advocacy efforts to strengthen provincial tenant assistance provisions. These efforts are reflected in recent amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act.

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