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The following items are available for purchase at the front counter of the Planning Department, which is located on the third floor of City Hall.

Some items are also available free of charge as pdf downloads. Click the green coloured titles to view and save a copy.

Prices include applicable tax.

Bylaws and Sundry Publications

Total Price
Apartment Study 1969, June 1969 (outside printing) $6.60
Brentwood Town Centre Plan  June 1996 Online
Burnaby Social Sustainability Strategy (SSS), June 2011 Online
Burnaby Transportation Plan, January 2004  Online
Byrne Road and Marine Way Development Plan, May 2002  $2.50  
Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), November 2016    Online
Community Plans, December 1992, (Outside Printing)   $8.40 
Deer Lake Park Heritage Resource Inventory (1998)  $8.40 
Burnaby Development Cost Charges Pamphlet   No charge
Economic Development Strategy (EDS) 2020, March 2007    Online
Edmonds Town Centre Plan, September 1994   Online
Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS), November 2016 Online
Holdom Guide Plan   Online
Housing Profile - 2016 (Black and White) Online
Lake City Business Centre Guide Plan, 2000 October  Online
Lougheed Town Centre Plan, June 1997   Online
Metrotown Study, June 1977 (Outside Printing)   Online 
Metrotown Downtown Plan Online           

Municipal Approval Guides  

No charge  
New Haven Land Use Framework Plan (Finalized)
February 2004 
Official Community Plan for Burnaby, June 1998   Online
Royal Oak Community Plan, June 1999   Online 
Simon Fraser University Official Community Plan, September 1996   Online
State of The Environment, 1993   $3.00 
Burnaby Zoning Bylaw 1965, Bylaw #4742
(Binder, Dividers and Map)  
Burnaby Zoning Bylaw 1965, Bylaw #4742
(Insert and Map Only)  

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