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Posted August 17, 2017

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Community Capacity Building and Support

Burnaby operates on a philosophy of citizen participation, whether on the part of individuals, community groups, or local business associations. The City supports a number of initiatives and programs that help to increase the social capacity and resilience of the community.



The Citizens’ Plaza pavers at Burnaby City Hall are a unique community project to celebrate the City and its citizens, while raising funds to benefit Burnaby-based registered charities and non-profit organizations.

Community Groups

Burnaby Interagency Council

Non-profit providers, active or based in Burnaby, are eligible to join the Burnaby Interagency Council.  This active group has been meeting for over thirty (30) years, and offers networking and partnership opportunities for non-profit service providers.  For more information, or to sign up for the Council, please contact 604-294-7421.

Community Grants

Through its Community Grants Program, the Executive Committee of Council awards grants to non-profit, cultural, athletic and volunteer assistance groups which provide a service or promote activities that are beneficial to Burnaby. 

Festivals Burnaby

Festivals Burnaby provides funding to eligible organizations in Burnaby to support existing events and festivals or to initiate new events, festivals and projects in the community. These could be neighbourhood initiatives, events within specific areas of the City and/or Citywide or regional events.

Community Resource Centres

The City of Burnaby owns six Community Resource Centres, and several other properties, which provide affordable office and programming space for non-profit groups serving the local community. Non-profit tenants of resource centre space may be eligible for a lease grant to offset lease costs. Although turnover of space at the Resource Centres is a rare occurrence, inquiries about space availability, eligibility criteria and the application process can be directed to

Free Meeting Space in the Community

A number of organization in Burnaby offer free or low cost meeting space to non-profit groups. Download the list. To update this document, please contact  

Community Benefit Bonus Policy

Through the Community Benefit Bonus Policy, the City works with developers to provide needed community amenities (e.g., recreation centres, parks, non-profit office space, childcare centres, adaptable housing units) in Burnaby’s four town centres.  Depending on the details of each project, the City negotiates with developers to allow them extra density in exchange for providing a community benefit, either through a cash contribution or the direct provision of an identified amenity.

Community Schools

Seven of Burnaby’s public elementary schools and one secondary school have been designated as community schools, which means they have a Community School Co-ordinator who works with and supports the local community. The co-ordinator positions are cost-shared between Burnaby School District and the City of Burnaby. Community schools serve as focal points for the neighbourhood, build a sense of community and link local residents with programs and resources.

Business Associations

The City has helped to establish business improvement areas that support local businesses. There are currently two business improvement areas in Burnaby (Burnaby Heights and North Road). Burnaby businesses are also supported through the Burnaby Board of Trade.

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