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Warming Centre Now Open in Burnaby

To help ensure the safety of all Burnaby citizens during winter months, Burnaby City Council passed a motion on November 26, 2018, to provide warming centres at various locations throughout the City.

Warming Centres

Burnaby has four warming centres. These centres augment the services provided at the existing Extreme Weather Response Shelter (details below). Learn more »

Extreme Weather Response Shelter

Lookout Housing and Health Society operates an Extreme Weather Response Shelter in Burnaby that opens during local extreme weather alerts.The shelter’s main location is operated out of Westminster Bible Chapel (7540 6th Street) with a backup location at Burnaby Alliance Church (8611 Armstrong Avenue). There is capacity for 27 people at the main location and 20 additional spaces at the backup location.

As the cost of living, particularly the cost of housing, continues to rise in the region, so too does the risk of homelessness. The City of Burnaby works collaboratively with the Society to End Homelessness in Burnaby through its Task Force on Homelessness, which includes members from homeless serving agencies, the RCMP, Transit Police, Vancity, Fraser Health, and interested community members. The Task Force works to address the root causes of homelessness and provide support services for the homeless.

Burnaby works with Progressive Housing Society’s Homeless Outreach Program to connect homeless residents with services and support. The City also participates in the Civic Notification System for the Lookout Society's Extreme Weather Homeless Shelter, operating in southeast Burnaby.

Photo Credit: Society to End Homelessness in Burnaby