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Warming Centres

Recognizing the need for immediate action to address homelessness, the City of Burnaby operated warming centres as an emergency interim measure during the winters of 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

Over that time, the City worked with BC Housing to open several new facilities that have established a strong foundation to support the City’s homelessness response over the longer term.

In 2019, with City support, BC Housing opened a 24-hour temporary shelter on Douglas Road and a 52-unit supportive housing facility on Norland Avenue. BC Housing is also operating a 24-hour Emergency Response Centre (ERC) on Sperling Avenue. This response centre, operated by Progressive Housing Society, is equipped to serve the needs of people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic and connect them to permanent housing options. The ERC will effectively replace and improve upon the services provided at the City’s warming centres, which will no longer operate. The ERC is a temporary measure, and will close later in 2021 when an expansion to Norland Place Supportive Housing is expected to be complete.

Extreme Weather Response Shelter

Lookout Housing and Health Society operates an Extreme Weather Response Shelter in Burnaby that opens during local extreme weather alerts.

Main location: Westminster Bible Chapel, 7540 6th Street
Backup location: Burnaby Alliance Church, 8611 Armstrong Avenue