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The City of Burnaby recognizes housing as a key element in a sustainable complete community. The Official Community Plan includes four goals specific to residential matters:

  1. Residential Opportunities – To provide a varied range and choice of living opportunities within the City
  2. Ground Orientation – To establish increased opportunities for ground-oriented housing
  3. Residential Neighbourhoods – To maintain and improve neighbourhood livability and stability
  4. Special and Affordable Housing Needs – To help ensure that the needs of people with special and affordable housing requirements are met

The Town Centre Plans and Community Plans also include policies relevant to the residential and housing objectives.

Policies and Initiatives

The City has adopted many policies relevant to housing and has prepared three overview reports regarding to the City role in addressing housing affordability and homelessness.


Policies & Initiatives

Housing Rezoning Reports

  • Social Sustainability Strategy

    Social Sustainability StrategyMoreRead the strategy adopted by Mayor and Council on July 11, 2011.
  • Social Sustainability Strategy: 2015 Progress Report

    Social Sustainability StrategyMoreRead the Progress Report on Actions adopted by Council in September 2015.
  • Neighbourhood Profiles

    imageMoreStatistics for population, diversity, language, housing and more.